Titles on sketchbook covers

Blog reader Juergen van Straelen asked: "I noticed the nice cover decorations of your sketchbooks and I was wondering which paint you use for this. Do you fix the paint to make it more resistant?"

Thanks for asking, Juergen. First off, as a calligrapher and sign painter since I was in high school, I love to paint a title on each sketchbook. While I'm using the book, it helps me find the front, and it helps me remember what's in a book after it's finished. I usually title the book with whatever words I write on the first page.

I have tried a lot of paints and inks for the titles, such as gel pensenamel markers  and acrylic paint,  with varying levels of success. Acrylic doesn't stick well to the watercolor sketchbook covers, which seem to be made of some kind of fake leather. Gel pens are OK on paper, but they skip a lot on the covers.  Enamel markers work OK; they're opaque and wear well, but I find they clog up eventually.

What I have found works best is One-Shot sign painters' paint.  This is a very opaque enamel that holds up to incredible abuse. You only need about four colors for all your titles. I use yellow, red, light blue, and white.

If you do hand-lettered titles on your sketchbooks, please email me a photo. I'll choose a few of my favorites to feature on a future blog post.
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