Painting a sunset in casein

Last evening I sat beside the Hudson River to paint the sunset.

This short video (link to video) shows how it came together. With such a subject, there's not much need for a preliminary drawing, so I just jump in with the brushes.

The colors I'm using are: Titanium white, cadmium yellow light, raw sienna, cadmium red scarlet, Venetian red, cerulean blue, and ultramarine blue deep.

Video tech notes: I shot the real-time video by mounting the camcorder on a new swing-out camera arm that I have mounted on my homemade pochade easel. The time lapse is shot with a GoPro camera mounted on a wind-up timer that sits on a Lego-powered motion control dolly. I have a second timer set up for tilt shots as well as pans.

Materials:  casein
1/4 inch flat brush 
Moleskine watercolor notebook
Waterman Phileas red fountain pen 
Lots of info on casein at Richeson's FAQ about casein

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