Fireworks at Rocky's

"You're insane," my wife said. "You can't paint fireworks in pitch darkness." 

"It's not pitch dark," I said. "Every once in a while there's a flash. Plus there's some light from that tiki torch."

I was mad obsessed. I hunched over the sketchbook in my lap. I couldn't make out any chroma or hue, and only could distinguish three values at best: white, middle tone, and black.

From time to time someone from the party came over and stood next to me, munching on potato chips. "What are you doing?"

"I'm painting," I replied. I glanced up at their puzzled faces, lit by flashes of red light and sulphur smoke.
Here's what I was using:
White, black, golden ochre, and Venetian red casein
Round 6 watercolor brush
Flat 1/4 inch synthetic brush
Watercolor notebook
Fountain pen 
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