YouTube week starts tomorrow

I am excited to announce that "YouTube Week" begins tomorrow here at GurneyJourney. 
A new video will be released each day, starting Monday morning with a short film about how an unexpected downpour foiled a painting day.

On Tuesday I will officially release my first DVD/download. I have worked hard on it, and I tried to incorporate the 81 comments of great feedback you gave me about what you wanted in an art instruction video.  

Throughout the week I'll offer free DIY instructional videos, including how to make dimensional letters that you can animate for your own Hollywood-style motion graphic title.

On Saturday, August 24th at 7pm Eastern time, I'll be the first visual artist to try out the new event-streaming service called Concert Window Open. Wherever you are in the world, you can hang out with me as I demo various techniques and answer your live questions. Let me know in the comments what you'd like me to cover during the webcast.

Please tell your friends on Twitter and Facebook to follow the blog this week. And this might be a good time to subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can set up your YouTube subscription to notify you about my new uploads even before the regular blog readers get to see them.
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