Logo Animation from Mud and Cardboard

If you ever need to animate your logo for video, you have two choices: spend thousands of dollars on a high-tech digital motion graphics that will look fake and dated in five years, or make it yourself for next to nothing out of cardboard, wire, and mud. (Direct link to video)

Here's me and Jeanette behind the scenes during filming.

With a lot of filmmakers looking for practical, in-camera effects, this is the best way to get logo animations grounded in reality.

This analog technique is also a good way for artists using CGI to quickly and cheaply generate reference of real effects little nuances of wind vortices in smoke, cast shadows, etc, which would be hard to imagine in purely digital simulations.

What I plan to do with this re-usable frame is to shoot it in a few different environments, such as in front of a roaring bonfire or in the middle of a fern garden.

Here are some of the real animated logos for inspiration (link to video).

Other news
For those of you following the "How I Paint Dinosaurs" video— we've now got the digital download also at Sellfy that accepts Paypal. You can access it directly at this link. It's also available via credit card at Gumroad and as a DVD at Kunaki

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