Lionfish Shampoo Winners

Your votes are in (1193 of them), and I would like to congratulate Candice Broersma, Katie Small, and Michelle Spalding for being the top three winners in the Lionfish Shampoo Label contest.

I'll be sending out the signed Dinotopia goodies to them. We have also just received word that ImagineFX magazine, the leading journal of the imaginative arts, took such an interest in the contest that they will be publishing the work of the top three. Woohoo!

I'll be contacting the other top ten finalists about sending each of them a signed goodie, too.

And for the rest—there were about 80 entries in all— I must tell you that I've never seen a contest with such a strong level of entries. It was incredibly difficult to narrow the field down to just 10.

Many of you asked about the next GurneyJourney contest (whew!). Jeanette and I have a really cool idea for one and I will announce it tomorrow.
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