Article on Urban Sketching

The new issue of International Artist has an article I wrote about painting in urban areas.

The article includes the paintings that my friend Garin Baker, my wife Jeanette, and I did last March in Newburgh, New York. 

(Above: Plein air watercolor painting laid over photo after the fact.)

I also list my "10 Tips for Sketching in Rough Neighborhoods." The first five tips are sensible precautions, but the second five are a little more unexpected: 

6. I travel with traffic cones on which I’ve stenciled “DEPT. OF ART” and I often wear a garbage collector or gas station uniform shirt when I’m painting, so I look like I’m doing something official.
7. Street sketching is a great opportunity for impromptu portraits. In my experience, guys with tattoos and elaborate outfits love to pose and be noticed by artists.
8. Bring a pad of paper and pencils for the kids to let them draw.
9. It’s good to paint near a fast food place, because there’s always a bathroom handy.
10. Check out the website Urban Sketchers, which has members all around the globe.

Garin Baker is currently teaching a workshop called: New York At Night—Plein Air on Location in NYC
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