Casein Portrait of Shapenote Singer

Yesterday I tried out my new casein paints at my wife's singing group.

(Video link) I'm painting a friend of mine named Alan Neumann, who sings bass in the shapenote singing society at Bard College in New York.

I'm using an improvised easel to hold my sketchbook on a camera tripod. I start by painting over a not-so-hot sketch done in the Atlanta subway. I'm starting to get the hang of caseins--they're like oils on adrenaline. The whole portrait takes about two hours.
More info:
Paints: Jack Richeson / Shiva casein colors 
Moleskine watercolor notebook
Richeson's informative FAQ about casein.
Sacred Harp Singing at Bard College
Sacred Harp Singing in New York State
The tune is White #288 ("Long Time Traveling")
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