Sketch Your Art Teacher Contest

Jeanette Gurney John Van Hamersveld Art Center
Here's a fun contest for art students. Nine rules:

 1. Sketch your art teacher in the act of teaching. Please work from life and not from a photo. The sketch can be funny or serious.

2. It's free to enter, and anyone in the world can enter. You can be a young student or an older student in any sort of class or workshop. You can also be an artist sketching a teacher in a non-art class. And it's OK if you did the sketch in the past.

3. Only one entry per person.

4. To enter, just scan a small JPEG file of your image, about 500 pixels on the longest side. There are three ways to get the file to me. You can send it as an email attachment to gurneyjourney at, with the subject line "ART TEACHER." Or you can put the image on an image hosting site such as imgur or flickr, and send me just the link to the file. Or you can post it on Facebook and tag me on the post. I'll like it to let you know I got it.

5. Title the image file like this: your name, your art teacher's name, your art school, and if you're under 18, your age, and the date: "JamesGurneyDavidMocarskiArtCenter_1982.jpg".

James Gurney Terry O'Shea Art Center
6. You've just got two weeks! The deadline for entries is January 22 at midnight. I'll post results on Jan. 24.

7. I will choose five finalists plus one grand prize winner and I'll post them on the GurneyJourney blog.

Left: Jeanette Gurney, Larry Edwards. Right: James Gurney, David Mocarski, both Art Center
8. Each finalist and their teacher will receive a free signed Imaginative Realism poster. The overall winner will also receive one of my DVDs.

9. Please spread the word on Facebook and Twitter and let your friends know about the contest. Have fun!
The sketches in this post were all done at Art Center College of Design around 1980-1982 by my wife Jeanette and me when we were art students together—I think one of you called us the "Bonnie and Clyde of Sketching."
Edit. Greg Shea told me about this great illustration, which my friend Dan Zimmer posted today by coincidence:
Illustration by Gerald Leake, thanks Dan Zimmer
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