Book Review: "Jim Henson: The Biography"

I just finished reading Jim Henson: The Biography. The book tells the story of Henson's lasting influence as creator and performer of the Muppets.

Biographer Brian Jay Jones interviewed the Henson family and his creative colleagues, and carefully went through the archives to create a very carefully researched and readable account of his short life (he died in 1990 of a lung infection at age 53.) Henson's kind, generous, restless, and inventive spirit, as well as some of his human foibles, come shining through the book.

Now with so many of Henson's shows available on YouTube, you can enhance the experience of reading the book by watching videos of everything from his hilarious early TV commercials for Wilkins Coffee, the gig with Rowlf on the Jimmy Dean Show, his documentary on the art and history of puppetry, the Muppet Show pitch, and clips of the big-screen Muppet movies and the '80s fantasy films "Dark Crystal" and "Labryrinth."

Book on Amazon: Jim Henson: The Biography
Wikipedia about Jim Henson (1936-1990)
Thanks to blog reader ROTM for recommending it.

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