Painting a live cicada in casein

The cicadas are here in huge numbers, filling the trees with their deafening songs. These swarms of large insects appear every 17 years here in the Hudson Valley.

Of course I didn't want to let this rare opportunity pass without painting a portrait from life in my sketchbook. As you can see in the video (Direct link to vid), I wasn't sure if he was likely to hold still.

Here's my DIY tripod-mounted painting rig that holds the sketchbook above the palette. I used the following colors of casein paint: Titanium white, golden ochre, cadmium red scarlet, cerulean blue, raw umber, halftone black, and just a little bit of cadmium green and cadmium yellow light.

I liked the way the paint handled for opacity and for the fine details of the wings. When I decided late in the game to add the larval case in the upper left, I used the white to put down a light base tone.

More info about my tools:
Richeson / Shiva casein
Richeson's FAQ about casein
Quiller water media brush, Series 7000 Round 6
Quiller flat brush Size 1/2 inch
Moleskine watercolor notebook
Waterman Phileas red fountain pen
For the pochade rig, I would probably use Southco Inc SC-773 Adjustable Hinge rather than the ones I'm using.

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