Philip de László paints a portrait

(Video link) In this archival video, Philip de László (Hungarian 1869-1937) paints a quick portrait of a model in oil. He establishes the shapes and refines the tones with the brush, comparing frequently to the model. The canvas is placed right alongside the model in the "sight-size" method, with the artist frequently backing up to check the likeness against the model.

In the voiceover, his son recalls how walking back and forth to the canvas wore out the floor and aggravated the varicose veins in the artist's legs.

One of de László's portraits, "Vita Sackville-West, 1910" is currently being featured at the "Edwardian Opulence" exhibition in New Haven, Connecticut.

The video was posted by Darren Rousar, and there are many descriptions on the web of the sight-size method.
Note that "mannequin" is a term from the fashion industry for a live clothes model.
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