Early spring at the farm

Yesterday at the farm was the warmest day so far this year. The four draft horses were out in the barnyard soaking up the sun and munching their hay. Patches of snow still lingered in the shadows, but everywhere else the ground had thawed into mud and manure under their big hooves.

The horses looked up when they heard a commotion coming from the pond.  They walked to the water's edge to see what was wrong. 

Two Canada geese were loudly squawking and flapping from the middle of the water. The geese had landed in the center of the pond, not realizing it was still covered with a thin layer of ice. They tried to walk on the surface of the ice, but it was rotten and they broke through. They couldn't swim out and they couldn't take off and fly either. So they fussed and flapped until they finally broke a passage through the ice and made it to the shore. 

Turk the and the other horses quietly watched this drama unfold. Then he went back to digesting his hay and dozing in the sunshine. 
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