Pocket Easel or Monopod

The pocket easel or monopod is a clever lightweight solution for the watercolor painter or sketch-group artist who wants something more portable than a standard field easel. 
(Drawing by Jack Merriott) The paper is attached to a stiff board, which is balanced on the knees. A single strut, made from three sections, clips to the board and holds up the far side.

Blog reader Dave Rolstone has made this monopod, and says:
My Monopod was made from one leg of a very old and cheap camera tripod on which the head had broken. I made it about five years ago with the intention of taking it hiking along with a lightweight three legged stool. I’ve also used it at Life Drawing to get a low angled view. But I do prefer to stand at an easel or pochade box so I can move about and stand back.

Thanks,  Dave (and to your wife for modeling its use)
The idea comes from Jack Merriott's 1973 book Discovering Watercolour: A Comprehensive Home Study Course
Here's a more standard metal watercolor field easel.
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