2500th post: A-Z of Favorite Posts

This is the 2500th post on GurneyJourney. My goal with the blog is simply to have some fun and learn something new every day.

To mark the occasion, here's an A-Z list of some favorite posts from the last five and a half years since I started the blog.

Asymmetrical Makeup
Behind the Scenes at G.J.
Color Zones of the Face
Do Artists See Differently?
Foliage Series
Gamut Masking 
Happy Old-Time Photos
In-Flight Portrait
Joy in the Farmyard
Kinstler Demo
Light and Form
Manhandled by Apes
Nephroid Caustics
Origami Mystery
Photography as Reference
Quick Draw
Rotating Eyeballs
Smiling Presidents
Two-Streams Hypothesis
Unmade Beds
Vignetting Series
Windmill Principle
X-Ray Technique Reveals Dino Colors
Yurmby Wheel and other Color Wheels
Zoo Sketching of Gorillas

Thanks for joining me on the journey. There's a lot more to come.

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