Your DIY Watercolor Pochades

Mike Aspengren says: "I hope you share the construction plans for your watercolor sketchbook pochade contraption. I've already ordered the hinges from Amazon. :)"

Mike, I haven't drawn up plans yet for mine (it's still a work in progress). But several other GurneyJourneyers have shared photos of their interesting variations:

Patrick OHearn built a rig that he call the "Gurney Casein Traveler Mark II" and took it on a fishing trip to the Alsek River in southeast Alaska. 

Pat says, "The paper support is made from epoxy-impregnated marine plywood and the fold-down palette is Alupanel, two thin wafers of painted aluminum sandwiching a resin core. Alupanel is used a lot in the sign industry and is very sturdy and very light weight. Hinges are Southco SC 773 adjustable friction hinges. The tripod is a Dolica TX570 ultra compact that folds down to 12.5". All of that plus the casein paints, brushes, moleskin watercolor notebook, and misc other stuff fits easily into a backpack, along with all necessary fly fishing gear, water, lunch, and bear spray." 

Jason Peck built the "Steampunk Watercolor Pochade." 

He says: "The side palette is attached using 2 S-shaped brackets and a binder clamp. I used those little S-shaped brackets that you use to hold a canvas in a picture frame. They come in different sizes. All you need is a couple of screws, washers and a nut. I found some fancy looking brass nuts at the hardware store. I'm using a metal key ring belt clip so that the magnet in my water cup has something to grab onto. The black palette is used sort of like a drafting table."

Jason continues: "Here it is an its other configuration. If I flip it around, I can use the Grey palette for oils, or casein. I coated the grey palette in polyurethane."

Matthew Mattingly went mobile with his rig, which he calls the Bi-Sketch-Cycle.

He says: "I've been enjoying using the rig and experimenting with casein as a plein-air sketching medium."

 Here is Matthew's "Clementine Caddy."

...and his rig in the tripod/umbrella configuration.

....and here's one more by John Trotter. The cruciform panel shape allows you to rubber-band the long horizontal sketchbook, or clip a larger watercolor block or panel if you prefer. Note the 4-prong T-nut (1/4 20) mounted into the plywood to hold the unit to the tripod.

Thanks, all for sending in your improvements and innovations. I'm working on my Wingsuit Aerial Video Pochade System" but I can't find the right brass nuts.
I explain my DIY sketchbook pochade in the cicada video
and in this post "Go Vertical"
Sources for gear:
Open Box M pochade easels
Friction Lid Support
Southco adjustable friction hinge

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