Max Ginsburg, caught painting

When I'm painting with a group, I often like to turn and paint my friends. I was sitting next to Max Ginsburg (b. 1931), so I painted him.

I used five colors of casein: cobalt blue, Venetian red, golden ochre, raw umber, and titanium white.

I did the block-in with a half-inch flat brush, and then worked the details with a small round synthetic sable. I was setting up the whole thing for the warm reflected light that bounced up from his painting.

Most of the artists in the group last night studied under Max (whose painting is on the second step up on the right): Me, Kevin Ferrara, Jeanette Gurney, Richard ScarpaDaisy De PuthodMax GinsburgMark TexeiraRicky MujicaGarin Baker, and John Varriano
Edit: Wade asked what kind of pad I was using, and it was a Moleskine watercolor notebook.

In answer to Dustin's question, here's a progress shot during the block-in. It was the end of the evening, so I only had 20 minutes to do the whole portrait of Max. The block-in was the general tone of each area, painted semi-transparently, and I went in and modified the rendering of each area quickly on the second pass.
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