Gouache in Grinnell, Iowa

Jeanette and I continued our epic drive west yesterday, cruising along old US Highway 6 from Illinois across Iowa. Our goal: to deliver Trusty Rusty, our 1999 Toyota Sienna to our son, where he lives 9,000 feet up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Alley, Grinnell, Iowa, James Gurney. Gouache in watercolor sketchbook, 5x8 inches, 1.5 hours.
In Grinnell, Iowa, we paused for a turkey sandwich and a sketch. We stopped at a sunbaked alley with view toward a water tower. Here's my sketch in gouache.

 I perched on my tripod stool, while Jeanette, having forgotten to bring a seat, borrowed a recycling bucket.

Here are four stages. After nailing down the drawing, I laid a warm tone over the whole thing, and then went in with opaques using a flat brush. I added some final accents and fine lines with colored pencils. Gouache will take the colored pencils better than casein will.

We then drove on into the night to Kearney, Nebraska. It was a windy night, and the gigantic wind propellers were spinning fast, with red flashing lights, as we pushed on west. The corn harvesters were going all night too, with floodlights glaring out in the endless cornfields.
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